Why you should buy from Chromegirlextensions ☆

Our "Raw Indonesian Hair" ranks among one of the finest Raw Hair types. Fits all types of textured hair/blends with 4B–4C hair beautifully! The most natural appearance, extremely voluminous, and bounce.This hair has a medium shine and is naturally smooth and glossy. Indonesian hair is ethically sourced hair collected from Indonesia hair donors. These extensions are significantly more durable than regular mink/virgin extensions and last 4+ years with proper carer care.

This is not just a special purchase this is an investment, invest in quality hair!

My Brand ☆

Since starting to work on my company, Chromegirlextensions, in February 2023, I've tested my hair to make sure everything was flawless, from natural 1B wavy to water colored 613 hair, to see if the hairs last numerous installs, to look for any unexpected issues, to wash and burn test, among other things.I wanted to make sure that people could feel luxurious on the inside and out and have confidence in the hair.

My hair is 100% pure single donor hair that was cut directly from the scalp! I've never had hair that looked more natural. All hair types blend in with the hair, even my very coarse 4C hair, so I promise only the highest quality hair from me, and because I have such confidence in my hair, I've finally chosen to start selling it in August 2023 after completing my test run. Your orders are extremely important to me and my small business, and I promise to provide you with outstanding service.